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International Competency-based Medical Education

“Big breakthroughs happen when what is suddenly possible meets what is desperately necessary.” - Thomas Friedman

Webinar Series

About ICBME Collaborators

The International Competency-based Medical Education (ICBME) Collaborators are leading international experts who examine conceptual issues and current debates in competency-based medical education (CBME). With secretariat support from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the ICBME collaborators are engaged in ongoing discussions and debate of CBME issues and are key promoters of CBME scholarship.

The ICBME Collaborative aspires to the advancement of medical education around the world.

ICBME webinar series

The International Competency Based Medical Education (ICBME) Collaborators have been engaging an international audience in exploring various models and approaches to CBME. These dynamic one-hour webinar sessions are facilitated by international CBME experts and are available. Please see our blog page to learn more about our yearly webinar series.

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Why competency-based medical education?

Competency-based medical education, or CBME, is “an approach to preparing physicians for practice that is fundamentally oriented to graduate outcome abilities and organized around competencies derived from an analysis of societal and patient needs. It deemphasizes time-based training and promises greater accountability, flexibility, and learner-centeredness.” (Frank et al., 2010) Why implement CBME?

Core Components of CBME


An Outcomes Competency Framework


Progressive Sequencing of Competencies


Learning Experiences Tailored to Competencies In CBME


Teaching Tailored to Competencies


Programmatic Assessment

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International models of CBME

Around the world, many adaptations of CBME have emerged. Driven by context, adaptations of CBME have been implemented across and within the regions represented by members of the ICBME collaborators group. Continue Reading

Aimed at advancing global medical education, the ICBME collaborators have collaborated to write several influential and cutting-edge publications, including a special series of papers in the leading medical education journal, Medical Teacher.